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Understanding the Markets

What the acronyms signify & what affects investors.

 Provided by Luke M. Johnson, President Legend Capital Group


Dow. NASDAQ. S&P 500. Fear index. NYSE. Commodity prices. Earnings. Economic indicators. These are the gauges and signposts of investing, but if you stopped most people on the street, you’ll find they have only a hazy understanding of what these terms signify or reference. If you’ve ever been left dizzy by the jargon of the financial world, here is a brief article that may help clarify some of the arcana. Let’s start on Wall Street. 


The major U.S. indices. The Dow Jones Industrial Average tracks how 30 publicly owned companies trade on a market day – the “blue chips”, 30...

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How Impatience Hurts Retirement Saving 

Keep calm & carry on – it may be good for your portfolio.

 Provided by Luke M. Johnson, President Legend Capital Group


Why do so many retirement savers underperform the market? From 1993-2012, the S&P 500 achieved a (compound) annual return of 8.2%. Across the same period, the average investor in U.S. stock funds got only a 4.3% return. What accounts for the difference?1,2  


One big factor is impatience. It is expressed in emotional investment decisions. Too many people trade themselves into mediocrity – they react to the headlines of the moment, buy high and sell low. Dalbar, the noted investing research firm, estimates this accounts for 2.0% of the above-mentioned 3.9% difference....

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What Constitutes a “Successful” Retirement?

Sustained affluence? Personal growth? A feeling of contentment? 

 Provided by Luke M. Johnson, President Legend Capital Group


How do you know if your retirement is living up to its potential? There isn’t a standard definition of a successful retirement. (Maybe there should be, but there isn’t.) It is interesting to see how different people define it.


Maybe income is the yardstick. Make that income replacement. A recent article in Financial Advisor Magazine put it this way: “Successful retirement is defined as the ability to replace current income in retirement.” The Employee Benefit Research Institute, which tracks workplace retirement savings trends in America, defines...

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How Much Health Care Reform Will We See By 2014?

Can the federal government follow through on its ambitions? 

 Provided by  Luke M. Johnson, President Legend Capital Group, Inc.


In 2014, we were supposed to see profound health care reform per the 2011 Affordable Care Act – but how much of that reform will roll out on time? 


The federal government has already conceded that it can’t enforce the employer mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act by 2014. On July 2, the Obama administration gave businesses with 50 or more employees a 1-year reprieve from having to provide affordable health insurance to full-time employees (people working 30 or more hours weekly).1,2  


So how about the state health insurance...

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Second Quarter 2013 Financial Market Commentary

July, 2013 To taper, or not to taper, that is the question that investors are currently grappling with:

In every year since 2010, the global stock markets have started the year in an optimistic mood only to run into trouble in the late spring/early summer. This year has been no different. This time there is little doubt about the cause. The Federal Reserve (Fed) has suggested that unless the American economy deteriorates, it may start to slow the pace (taper) of its asset purchases ($85 billion/month) later...

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