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Why Legend Capital Group?

Expertise • Objectivity • Integrity

Who We Are

At Legend Capital Group, Inc., we are an independently-owned, financial advising firm, which is vital to the development of an unbiased, successful investment strategy. Only with true independence can you be certain that the strategies and solutions recommended for you are the most competitive in the industry. At Legend Capital Group, we have no quotas to meet, no proprietary products to sell, and no hidden relationships with other companies that prevent us from working solely in your best interest.

Since 2006, Legend Capital Group has been providing tax-efficient financial and investment strategies to meet the individual objectives of every client. We are passionate about providing innovative and customized financial plans that simply make sense. Our #1 goal is to provide strategies that work, so your investments perform and you achieve all of your hopes and dreams. We know it is truly a privilege to manage your hard-earned money and we will work with you to develop a customized investment strategy. Through a collaborative effort that includes regular review and evaluation of your portfolio, we will develop an investment strategy that will include specific solutions to meet your goals.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to help clients and their families achieve and maintain financial peace of mind - preserving the nest egg and wealth clients have created and building a legacy for future generations. Our reputation for excellence is earned through the hard work of our highly experienced team who are focused exclusively on the planning of your financial future. As a highly-valued client, you can be certain that Legend Capital is committed to providing the exceptional client service you expect and deserve.

  • You will benefit from Legend Capital’s holistic approach to long-term wealth management.
  • Our client comes first in everything we do, and it shows in the service we provide.

Our Thinking

We believe in helping people pursue something beyond wealth. You can rely on your team at Legend Capital Group to bring you smart, relevant investment opportunities. We think deeply about the solutions we offer our clients and believe finding the right solutions begins with asking the right questions. As you evaluate the current advice you are getting for your investments, your taxes, and/or your family’s finances, here are four questions to ask yourself about how your money is managed:

  1. How independent is your current investment advisor?
  2. Is the relationship primarily transactional or advisory?
  3. How proactive is your advisor in anticipating your needs as your life or business situation changes?
  4. How often does your adviser contact you and are you receiving the quality of service that you expect?

Planning Your Arrival

Confidence. It may be one of our most precious assets. It is also perhaps the most elusive. With confidence, your decision-making becomes more assured and positive. You gain the ability to look beyond money to those things that your wealth allows you to pursue. At Legend Capital Group, we help you acquire confidence that allows you to arrive at that place where possibilities unfold. It is an exhilarating point to reach in your life….Now is the time to plan your arrival.

Call us today at 480-685-2930 to begin the conversation. We look forward to getting to know you.
Personalized Investment Advisory Services Scottsdale
We are committed to a successful, long-term relationship with you. That is why we are adamant about being accessible to our clients for all of their financial needs.
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Our astute advisors are among the the best in the business, specializing in comprehensive, tax-efficient strategies that can significantly reduce your tax liability, while growing your asset base.
Accolades in Investment Advisory
Luke M. Johnson, President of Legend Capital group has been working as a financial advisor since 1999. He is both Series 7 and Series 66 licensed.
Nationwide Investment Services
Our comprehensive advisory services, including investment and wealth management, are available to clients throughout the continental United States.